Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1: Nos. 110

K279284, 309311, 330

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Wilhelm Weismann / Carl Adolf Martienssen


The present edition sets out to establish a reliable text that brings out Mozart's performing style by drawing on all the relevant sources, foremost among which are the earlist printed editions and the composer's autograph scores. Valuable help inthis direction was provided by earlier Urtexteditions, especially the one by Max Pauer and Martin Frey, on whose findings the present editors have based their work.


  • Sonata C-major K 279 (189d)
  • Sonata F-major K 280 (189e)
  • Sonata B-major K 281 (189f)
  • Sonata Eb-major K 282(189g)
  • Sonata G-major K 283 (189h)
  • Sonata D-major K 284 (205b)
  • Sonata C-major K 309 (284b)
  • Sonata A-min K310 (300d)
  • Sonata D-major K 311 (284c)
  • Sonata C-major K 330 (300h)

Additional Information

Item Number: EP1800A
Format: A
ISMN: 9790014008123
Format: 232 x 303 mm
Instrumentation: Solo Piano

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