Half Moon Rising

Choral Music from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan Compiled and Edited by John Winzenburg

Various / John Winzenburg
Choral Score, Anthology - Mixed Choir, Piano


Half Moon Rising offers a broad range of choirs an informed introduction to performing Chinese choral music. The collection includes:

  • a representative and contrasting selection of works from the past century – folksong arrangements; pieces mixing traditional Chinese and Western Romantic styles; and contemporary settings of ancient poetry
  • a broad range of styles and dialects, illustrating the region’s rich diversity, all presented with the transliterated original text
  • poetic English translations below the staves and introductions containing information on the composers/arrangers; performance notes; and literal English translations


  • Ban Ge Yue Liang Pa Shang Lai (Half Moon Rising) - Xinjiang folksong, arr. Cai Yuwen
  • Ba Jun Zan (Magnificent Horses) -Fantasy on a Mongolian folk tune, arr. Yang Hongnian, adapted and arr. Jing Ling-Tam
  • Cha Shan Qing Ge (Tea Mountain Love Song) -Guizhou folksong, arr. Chen Tscheng Hsiung
  • Diu Diu Dang Ah (Old Train Song) - Taiwan Yilan folksong, arr. Chien Shan-hua
  • DuiHua (Antiphonal Flower Song) - Anhui folksong, arr. Shi Jin Bo
  • Gai Tau Hong Mei (Street Calls) - Leong Yoon Pin
  • Ge Lao HuanGe (Happy Song of the Gelao) - Gelao folksong, arr. Zhou Zhengsong
  • Hong Dou Ci (Red Bean Poem) - Liu Xue’an, arr. HwangYau-tai
  • Ken Chun Ni (Cultivating Spring Soil) - He Lüting (music) Tian Han (words)
  • Kuai Le De Ju Hui (Happy Reunion) -Ancient tune of Sun Moon Lake, arr. Chuan-Sheng Lu
  • Lok Sui Tien (Rainy Days) - Hakka folksong, arr. Toh Ban Sheng
  • Mo Li Hua(Jasmine Flower) - Jiangsu folksong, arr. Ch en Yi
  • Mu Ge (Shepherd’s Song) - Eastern Mongolian folksong, arr. Qu Xixian
  • PaoMa Liu Liu Di Shan Shang (Horses Run on the Mountain) - Xikang folksong, arr. Zhao Yushu
  • Qing Chun Wu Qu (Dance of Youth) - Uyghurfolksong, arr. Wang Luobin, choral arr. Wang Shiguang
  • Ru Meng Ling (Like a Dream) - Richard Tsang
  • Seui Diu Go Tau (Under theMid-Autumn Moon) - Chan Kai-Young
  • Shui Guang Lian Yan (Ripples Glisten Away…) - Chen Yihan
  • Shui Xian Hua (Narcissus Flower)- Chinese folksong, arr. Lin Sheng-shih
  • Tin O O (Dark Clouds) - Northern Taiwan children’s song, arr. Tsai Yu-Shan
  • Xiao HeTang Shui (Flowing Creek) - Yunnan folksong, arr. Ma Shuilong
  • Xiao Huang Li Niao (Little Oriole) - Mongolian folksong, arr. ChanHing-yan
  • Yang Guan San Die (Parting at Yangguan Pass) - Ancient Chinese tune, transcribed by Xia Yifeng, arr. Wang Zhenya
  • YiWang (To Forget) - Hwang Yau-tai (music), Zhong Meiyin (text)

Additional Information

Item Number: EP72625
Format: Sheet Music
Number of Pages: 244
Barcode: 9790577009087
ISMN: 9790577009087
Format: 190 x 272 mm
Instrumentation: Mixed Voices & Piano


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